Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Midwest tour w/ Smoker

SK in KC, photo Bryce Olson
Safely returned from tour! And what a week to get out in the world—everywhere we landed, spring was just warming the air. Bless our friends Stephen Paul Smoker for getting into tour as much as we did. Middle of the Map Fest was a wild one; got to catch Pujol (they KILLED IT), Divine Fits, My Gold Mask, Casket Lottery, and a newish Lawrence band called Oils who were particularly awesome. Missed a bunch of other bands we totally wanted to see, like PalaceDots Not FeathersCowboy Indian Bear, and oh about a zillion others, but can't complain. Our set was right after Smoker and we played at midnight to a sold-out room, bless all y'all souls! MOTM is an ideal way to celebrate music and investigate KC at the same time. We're already looking forward to next year!
Smoker & Sleepy Kitty at Jackpot in Lawrence, KS

Monday, April 1, 2013

New tour dates with Stephen Paul Smoker

Getting ready for a string of shows with Stephen Paul Smoker! NASHVILLE 4/3 at The End, ST. LOUIS 4/4 at Off Broadway, COLUMBIA, MO 4/5 at The Bridge w/ Glass Cavalry, KANSAS CITY 4/6 at Middle of the Map Fest, and LAWRENCE 4/7 at Jackpot Saloon. Feels good to be getting into tour mode again!