Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is this that?

Tuesday in DC was one of the BEST shows we've ever played! Thank you to everyone who danced and especially everyone who hollered Bigfoot sounds with us! Geez, I could blush at how good that made us feel. Thanks very much to Alex, Pat, Tony, Vi, Johnny Fantastic and all those moshing stuffed animals for proving the righteousness of the DC scene. We'll be back for sure!

Last night in Philly: The Pretty Greens and Mike Wojciechowski are both righteous bands in completely different ways. Mike's incredibly intimate lyrics are the kind I wish I could write, and The Pretty Greens have Olympia in their blood. Looking forward to blasting the Pretty Greens in the van on our way home!

Tomorrow night: our home in NYC, Pianos, for a night with some heavyweights: We Barbarians, Sacco, and Make Good. Come out come out into the fresh fall air!