Monday, August 5, 2013

missing, remembering, and appreciating bob reuter

This was the first night Sleepy Kitty had the honor of being photographed by the inimitable Bob Reuter. It was the Tower Groove Records release at El LeƱador and we played right between Warm Jets USA and Maximum Effort (meaning we really had to bring it). It was a great night all around and I saw Bob taking photos right in the front. After the set, I told him I felt like we were finally officially a St. Louis band since we had now been photographed by him. He approved. He's one of our favorite artists, curators, writers. Saturday on our way from Chicago to Iowa City we heard news that he had died in an accident while moving into his new exciting live/work space. He was a total bad ass and also a totally thoughtful guy. I'm thankful we got to know him. Bob, we'll miss your radio shows, your photos, your mysterious online photo collections, and we value your stories, your lessons, and friendship. Wherever you are, I hope there's rock and roll, lots of pretty girls, and a dark room. Congrats on being a true artist all the way.

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