Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Night Only

Thank you St. Louis for showing up big time and making last night's show at the Pageant so wonderful. It was a real pleasure to get to play some of the new songs with our friends Jason Hutto and Natalie Huggins, and to debut "Nothing = You" with The Incurables! We had a great time, and whoever shouted out "63118!" during "Hold Yr Ground" made my night.
photo by Abby Gillardi

Now, we're giddy from last night as we head to Des Moines, Iowa for the Shoot The Chutes Festival tonight. It'll be Sleepy Kitty's first time playing the city and we're looking forward to seeing old favorites from Chicago Maps & Atlases as well as checking out Torches, Annalibera, and of course Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Also, gotta find out what a performance by a band called Prissy Clerks is like. I did an interview with Band Bombshell introducing Sleepy Kitty to Des Moines.  I hope we get to meet them at the show!
photo by Abby Gillardi

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